Aqueous analytical facility

A wide range of analysis of aqueous environmental samples is provided by the aqueous analytical laboratories in Keyworth. Full suite analysis of water samples is provided for a range of major and trace cations and anions as well as other chemo-physical parameters. Analysis of water samples is accredited to ISO 17025 for major and trace elements.

A comprehensive programme of analysis of contaminated land samples includes bioaccessibility testing using a physiologically based extraction test (PBET) for arsenic, lead and a range of other elements that are potentially hazardous to health. This is supported with chemometric identification of substrates and element distribution (CISED) testing to further investigate the source of potential contaminants. Determination of soil pH is accredited to the Environment Agency's MCERTS Standard.

Partition coefficient (Kd) testing is also available for a range of routine and non-routine determinands, e.g. nitrates, cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, mercury, mecoprop and trifluralin.

We offer advice based on wide experience of the collection and analysis of unusual samples and complex matrices and participate in national and international programmes for the certification of reference materials. Staff have particular expertise in managing the analytical component of a wide range of field investigations often in difficult overseas conditions. Staff are experienced in the characterisation of the pore fluid chemistry of clays, sediments and crystalline rocks using a number of different techniques including mechanical squeezing, centrifugation and aqueous leaching. Staff are available to provide training in both field and laboratory analytical techniques, both in the laboratories in the UK and through visits by specialist staff overseas and to other off-site locations. The laboratories also offer a consultancy and advisory service on setting up and operating laboratories in many areas of environmental and geological analysis. Professional training has been given to technical analysts and postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers, including hosting PhD studentships in collaboration with UK universities.

The laboratory maintains a continuing research and development programme which aims to extend the range of analytical capabilities and to develop approaches to specific customer problems. This frequently involves participation in multidisciplinary research teams.


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