BGS Drilling Facility | Percussion

Drilling rig using the percussion method

The percussion mode is the main method used for the majority of situations. This method uses a drop-hammer to drive a barrel into the ground in 1m intervals to collect a full sample of the geology. The core is recovered in a plastic liner contained inside the barrel which allows inspection of the core in the field.

The percussion method can use 4 barrel sizes, which provide core of 117mm, 102mm, 87mm and 75mm.

If you want to drill:

  • Firm to indurated deposits e.g. tills to weak mudstones
  • Sand and gravel deposits
  • Firmer mudstone deposits e.g. Oxford Clay
  • Soft unconsolidated sediments e.g. estuarine silts and clays, peats

Opaque liners can be obtained if you require photoluminescence analysis for example.

Contacting the Team

If you have any questions, would like to discuss any drilling requirements or wish to book the drill team then please speak to Steve Thorpe (Tel: 0115 936 3189) to talk about how the drill team can help. If Steve isn't available then Carl Horabin can help.