National GeoEnvironmental Laboratories

A dug well in Burkina Faso Calcite crystal Limestone quarry  Drinking water flowing from a tap. © Michael Bodmann Soil profileo Ratcliffe upon Soar Power Station

Our aims

Welcome to the homepage of the National GeoEnvironmental Laboratories (NGEL). The NGEL is one of two centres of excellence that showcase BGS's laboratory based research, the other being the National Physical Properties and Processes Laboratories (NP3L).

The NGEL undertakes research on sensitive environmental indicators that are essential to understand, quantify and predict environmental change in the 'zone of human interaction'. Our research focuses on key science challenges such as radioactive waste disposal, carbon storage, groundwater and pollution modelling, resource security, and environment protection and human health.

Within these pages you will find information on our state-of-the-art laboratories that support this facility, as well as some recent examples of our research highlights.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our facilities, our research or the expert services we provide. Contact details are provided throughout the pages.

Latest news and research highlights

Groundwater abstracted from the Chalk aquifer of south-east EnglandBaseline quality of groundwater from aquifers in England, Wales & Scotland

Investigations include the London Basin, Magnesian Limestone of north-east England, Precambrian of Aberdeenshire and Permo-Triassic Sandstone of the Moray Basin.

Bottled waters from the British IslesBottled water from the British Isles

What is the trace element content of bottled water in your local supermarket? How does it vary? How does it compare with in-situ groundwater from the same sources?