Analytical geochemistry

The modern XRFS laboratory

The BGS Analytical Geochemistry Laboratories provide high quality analytical expertise and specialist services for the production and geochemical interpretation of inorganic and organic data for BGS projects, and for commercial and public sector clients around the world. Project areas benefiting from input by laboratory staff are wide ranging and include: geochemical surveys, water resources, contaminated land, natural hazards, marine pollution, mineral exploration, hydrocarbon exploration, pesticide contamination, nuclear waste disposal, environment and health, climate change and hydrocarbon exploration. Clients and collaborators include major mining companies, government departments, universities, local authorities, public utilities, power generators, and the nuclear and extractive industries.

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The Laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 and to the Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) standard for soils and we have a schedule of UKAS accredited tests. Confidence in the quality of our data is demonstrated by participation in a range of proficiency testing schemes, such as Aquacheck (waters), CONTEST (contaminated land), International Soil Exchange (soils), Quasimeme (marine sediments) and GeoPT (silicate rocks).

The Geochemistry Laboratories occupy purpose-built accommodation equipped with an extensive suite of modern analytical instrumentation. In addition to our specialised sample preparation facilities, potentially contaminated samples are prepared in our new Environmental Materials Facility (EMF), which has enhanced levels of controls to minimise staff contact with the samples.

Our analytical capability provides extensive datasets on a wide range of geological and environmental samples, including rocks, soils, sediments, vegetation, waters, biological materials and gases as well as industrial minerals. Details of the analytical techniques at our disposal and their applications can be found in these pages.

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