2002 DFDC Workshop, Nottingham – abstracts

Capturing digital data in the field - overview about field data capture in Geological Survey of Lower Saxony (NLfB)

Dr Carsten Schwarz, (Geological Survey of Lower Saxony (NLfB))

NLfB staff are not using digital instruments (field pc, husky, handhelds) for field work as standard tools. Testings with these instruments was stopped five years ago because they were at that time to heavy, weakly protected against water and dust, had too small displays which were not really readable in sunny conditions, had not enough memory space ... and also because of the great fear of loss of data during the working day. In the presentation an overview will be given about the characteristics of fieldwork in Lower Saxony. Also the path is shown of raw data collection over processing and evaluation of these data until the final mapping products (maps, models, reports). Even without own testings at present, NLfB is watching the market carefully for field PCs which can serve our needs.