2002 DFDC Workshop, Nottingham – abstracts

Geological map of Lower Saxony 1:50 000 (GK50 digital) - Geological information in a new form

Dr Carsten Schwarz, Geological Survey of Lower Saxony (NLfB)

The NLfB is making available its new 1 : 50 000 Geological Map of Lower Saxony (GK50). Geological data from historical sources, archives and publications, and mapping has been and is continuing to be compiled and stored in an digital information system. The map information can be obtained either as a plot (map) or digital data base (on CD-ROM). Standard products are the 'base map' (with geological information down to 2m depth) and the 'petrographic evaluation map'. Other thematic maps can also be produced as desired, as well as maps showing areas that normally belong to more than one map sheet. The user-friendly GK50 is designed to meet the needs of specialists, planners, and engineers, as well as private customers, 'geo-tourists' and people with interest in their local area. The GK50 will be available for all of Lower Saxony by the end of 2005.