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Origin date/time (UTC) Mag Region .sac data file Seismogram images View in Java Applet
21/10/14 08:36.41 5.2 90km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
20/10/14 01:00.25 4.6 118km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
18/10/14 09:40.13 5.0 111km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
16/10/14 03:14.59 4.8 109km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
15/10/14 13:35.53 5.5 53km Ese of Dehloran, Iran
15/10/14 11:16.33 5.1 124km Nne of Vik, Iceland
14/10/14 03:51.38 7.4 64km S of Intipuca, El Salvador
12/10/14 21:23.14 4.7 117km S of Akureyri, Iceland
12/10/14 08:43.44 5.1 122km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
12/10/14 06:42.21 4.6 Reykjanes Ridge
12/10/14 05:40.43 5.2 Reykjanes Ridge
12/10/14 05:17.37 4.8 Reykjanes Ridge
11/10/14 11:30.19 4.7 116km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
11/10/14 02:35.46 6.3 154km Ene of Hachinohe, Japan
10/10/14 13:51.21 4.3 2km Ssw of Cushing, Oklahoma
10/10/14 05:10.16 4.6 Reykjanes Ridge
10/10/14 04:57.26 4.7 Reykjanes Ridge
09/10/14 21:22.13 4.8 117km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
09/10/14 04:37.21 4.8 110km Wnw of Hofn, Iceland
09/10/14 02:14.31 6.8 Southern East Pacific Rise
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These data files are derived from stations operated by schools around the UK. If you intend to use the data in future publications, please attribute the original data source. Please see the Stations page for data sources.

The .sac binary data format is a standard seismic data exchange format that can be read only with a seismic data reading program. For example, the AMASEIS program described in Using Amaseis datalogging and interpretation software (PDF).

Use of these data files is at the user's own risk. NERC/BGS accepts no liability whatever in respect of loss, damage, injury or other occurrence however caused.