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Origin date/time (UTC) Mag Region .sac data file Seismogram images View in Java Applet
03/03/15 10:37.31 6.4 50km Nw of Sikabaluan, Indonesia
27/02/15 13:45.05 6.6 131km N of Nebe, Indonesia
27/02/15 12:53.09 4.3 73km N of Al Hamul, Egypt
22/02/15 14:23.14 6.2 211km Sw of Tomatlan, Mexico
22/02/15 12:56.24 5.6 9km Ene of Cajibio, Colombia
22/02/15 08:20.34 3.6 41km Wsw of Trinidad, Colorado
22/02/15 07:31.48 3.4 41km W of Trinidad, Colorado
21/02/15 10:13.54 6.1 128km Ene of Miyako, Japan
20/02/15 04:25.24 6.3 140km E of Miyako, Japan
19/02/15 13:38.28 5.1 93km Ese of Lakatoro, Vanuatu
19/02/15 13:18.32 6.5 78km Ese of Lakatoro, Vanuatu
18/02/15 09:32.26 5.9 184km W of Lata, Solomon Islands
16/02/15 23:06.26 6.8 77km Ene of Miyako, Japan
16/02/15 22:00.53 6.7 146km Nnw of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
14/02/15 02:28.56 4.59 51km Wnw of Beatty, Nevada
13/02/15 21:25.18 4.7 Reykjanes Ridge
13/02/15 20:06.32 5.9 25km Ese of Taitung City, Taiwan
13/02/15 18:59.11 6.9 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
12/02/15 14:33.07 4.8 43km Se of Churachandpur, India
12/02/15 02:11.40 4.6 126km Se of Pond Inlet, Canada
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These data files are derived from stations operated by schools around the UK. If you intend to use the data in future publications, please attribute the original data source. Please see the Stations page for data sources.

The .sac binary data format is a standard seismic data exchange format that can be read only with a seismic data reading program. For example, the AMASEIS program described in Using Amaseis datalogging and interpretation software (PDF).

Use of these data files is at the user's own risk. NERC/BGS accepts no liability whatever in respect of loss, damage, injury or other occurrence however caused.