Station Details

Station Name SWOLD (click station name to send this station an email)
Location South Wolds Community School  
Address Church Lane, Keyworth, Notts, NG12 5FF  
Postcode NG12 5FF  
Country UK  
Network UK  
Latitude 52.87  
Longitude -1.08  
Date Entered 07-Jul-11  
Sensor SEP seismometer  
Bandwidth 20-5  
Orientation East  
Station URL South Wolds Community School  


Origin date/time (UTC) Quake location Magnitude .sac data file Seismogram image
12-Apr-12 07:15:48 Gulf of California 6.9 SWOLD SWOLD
11-Apr-12 10:43:09 Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra 8.2 SWOLD SWOLD
20-Mar-12 18:02:48 Oaxaca, Mexico 7.6 SWOLD SWOLD
10-Jul-11 00:57:12 Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan 7 SWOLD SWOLD