Station Details

Station Name STED
Location St Edwards School , Poole  
Country GB  
Network UK  
Latitude 50.74  
Longitude -1.96  
Date Entered 01-Sep-15  
Sensor Guralp-EDU  
Station URL St Edwards School , Poole  


Origin date/time (UTC) Quake location Magnitude .sac data file Seismogram image
14-Jul-11 06:59:10 England, United Kingdom 3.9 STED STED
12-May-08 06:28:00 Eastern Sichuan, China 7.8 STED STED
27-Feb-08 00:56:45 England, United Kingdom 4.7 STED STED
14-Feb-08 10:09:23 Southern Greece 6.7 STED STED
06-Jan-08 05:14:17 Southern Greece 6.1 STED STED
16-Jul-07 01:13:29 Near the W Coast of Honshu, Japan 6.7 STED STED
28-Jun-07 02:52:09 Bougainville Region, Papua New Guinea 6.7 STED STED
28-Apr-07 07:18:08 United Kingdom 4.3 STED STED
28-Mar-07 21:17:13 Lake Tanganyika Region 5.9 STED STED
25-Mar-07 00:40:03 Vanuatu 7.2 STED STED