Station Details

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Location Hereford Sixth form College  
Address Folly Lane, Hereford  
Postcode HR1 1LU  
Country UK  
Network UK  
Latitude 52.06  
Longitude -2.70  
Date Entered 01-Dec-10  
Sensor SEP seismometer  
Bandwidth 20-5sec  
Orientation East  
Station URL Hereford Sixth form College  


Origin date/time (UTC) Quake location Magnitude .sac data file Seismogram image
24-Sep-13 11:29:48 Pakistan 7.7 HERE HERE
28-Oct-11 18:54:35 Near the Coast of Central Peru 6.9 HERE HERE
23-Oct-11 10:41:21 Eastern Turkey 7.3 HERE HERE
21-Oct-11 17:57:17 Kermadec Islands Region 7.6 HERE HERE
18-Sep-11 12:40:48 Sikkim, India 6.8 HERE HERE
16-Sep-11 19:26:36 Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan 6.6 HERE HERE
11-Mar-11 05:46:23 Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan 8.8 HERE HERE
24-Jan-11 02:45:29 Tajikistan 6.1 HERE HERE
18-Jan-11 20:23:17 Southwestern Pakistan 7.4 HERE HERE
13-Jan-11 16:16:41 Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia 7.3 HERE HERE
03-Jan-11 21:03:14 England, United Kingdom 3.7 HERE HERE
25-Dec-10 13:16:38 Vanuatu Region 7.6 HERE HERE
27-Feb-10 06:34:14 Offshore Maule, Chile 8.8 HERE HERE