Station Details

Station Name DEOS (click station name to send this station an email)
Location University of Liverpool  
Address 4 Brownlow Street, Liverpool  
Postcode L69 3GP  
Country UK  
Network UK  
Latitude 53.41  
Longitude -2.97  
Date Entered 29-May-09  
Sensor SEP seismometer  
Bandwidth 20sec-5Hz  
Orientation North  
Station URL University of Liverpool  


Origin date/time (UTC) Quake location Magnitude .sac data file Seismogram image
16-Mar-10 02:22:00 Offshore Bio-Bio, Chile 6.7 DEOS DEOS
14-Mar-10 08:08:03 Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan 6.6 DEOS DEOS
08-Mar-10 02:32:35 Eastern Turkey 5.9 DEOS DEOS
27-Feb-10 06:34:14 Offshore Maule, Chile 8.8 DEOS DEOS
26-Feb-10 20:31:26 Ryukyu Islands, Japan 7.3 DEOS DEOS
07-Feb-10 06:10:04 Southwestern Ryukyu Islands, Japan 6.6 DEOS DEOS
12-Jan-10 21:53:09 Haiti Region 7 DEOS DEOS
10-Jan-10 00:27:39 Offshore Northern California 6.5 DEOS DEOS
03-Jan-10 22:36:36 Solomon Islands 7.2 DEOS DEOS
19-Dec-09 13:02:16 Taiwan 6.4 DEOS DEOS
01-Jul-09 09:30:12 Crete, Greece 6.7 DEOS DEOS
28-Apr-09 10:22:09 Cumbria, Uk 3.7 DEOS DEOS
18-Apr-09 19:17:59 Kuril Islands 6.6 DEOS DEOS
16-Apr-09 14:57:06 South Sandwich Islands Region 6.6 DEOS DEOS
07-Apr-09 04:23:34 Kuril Islands 7 DEOS DEOS
06-Apr-09 01:32:42 Central Italy 6.3 DEOS DEOS
19-Mar-09 18:17:37 Tonga Region 7.9 DEOS DEOS
06-Mar-09 10:50:29 North of Svalbard 6.5 DEOS DEOS
16-Feb-09 23:16:39 Ionian Sea 5.3 DEOS DEOS
11-Feb-09 17:34:53 Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia 7.5 DEOS DEOS
19-Jan-09 03:35:19 Southeast of the Loyalty Islands 6.8 DEOS DEOS
03-Jan-09 19:43:59 Near the North Coast of Papua, Indonesia 7.8 DEOS DEOS