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BGS·SIGMAmobile2012 is the third release of the BGS digital field data capture system, designed to run on rugged tablet PCs with integrated GPS units.

The system consists of heavily customised versions of ArcMap 10 and MS Access 2007 along with additional software to provide functionality such as sketching.

The BGS does not supply ArcMap or MSAccess as part of BGS·SIGMAmobile. It requires an ArcEditor licence to run.

New Release — June 2013 — Version 1.01 of BGS·SIGMAmobile2012

This includes some major bug fixes and a version that runs on ArcGIS 10.1. Both of these are available through the download button below. This release also includes a full user guide to BGS·SIGMAmobile2012.


BGS·SIGMAmobile v2012 is available free for use by commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Please read and accept the licence agreement before downloading.

Note that any modifications or additions you make to the system must be sent to BGS for inclusion in later releases.

Major highlights of the new BGS·SIGMAmobile2012 release include:

  • operates on Windows 7 and Windows XP
  • operates with ArcGIS 10 and MSAccess 2007
  • integrated mobile and desktop tools into one system with two toolbars
  • updated GUI (e.g. the ability to limit the fields visible on the form)
  • new line and point tools including the functionality to collect fully attributed lines in the field
  • functionality to make 'quick observations' from within the forms interface
  • new data model
  • an existing or new mobile project can be opened within ArcGIS
  • other mobile projects can be viewed easily
  • easy interface to change from British National Grid to other projections
  • smaller file size for quicker and easier downloading
  • simplified installation procedure and instructions (only one installation file for all components)
  • ArcGIS customisation now all in .NET

Some of the bug fixes included in the version 1.01 release are detailed below:

  • Major bug fixes to DFDC database solving problems with forms freezing which caused databases to crash
  • Map Face Notes – errors with forms sometimes opening when using non-related annotation classes now fixed
  • Minor fixes to Ink tools, Delete Geofeature tools, and Label Geofeature
  • Upload pre-2012 databases – bug that prevented Field Observations Points loading properly now fixed

All databases created in the previous version of BGS·SIGMAmobile2012 can be viewed in this new system (using the import database tool), but all new work should be done in a new database to take advantages of the bug fixes that are now in place.

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BGS·SIGMAmobile2012 download contents

A zip file containing:

  • SIGMA 2012 installation files (versions for ArcGIS 10 and ArcGIS 10.1 — please install the relevant version)
  • brief installation guide
  • 'What's new' guide
  • User manual

Please read the license agreement and tick your approval

Recommended hardware

The BGS currently maintains two types of hardware for digital field data collection:

  1. Panasonic Toughbook CF-19
  2. GETAC V100

Further information about BGS·SIGMAmobile 2012

Please remember to send any upgrades or modifications to us at the email address below so that we can incorporate them into future releases.

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