BGS·SIGMAv2015 downloads

BGS·SIGMAmobile showing toolbars, switchboard and structural data entry form.

BGS·SIGMAv2015 is the fourth release of the BGS's digital field-data capture system, designed to run on rugged tablet PCs with integrated GPS units.

The BGS does not supply ArcMap or MS Access as part of BGS·SIGMA. It requires a Standard ArcMap licence to run.

New release, September 2016: version 1.0 of BGS·SIGMAv2015


BGS·SIGMAv2015 is available free for use by commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Please read and accept the licence agreement before downloading.

All databases created in the previous version of BGS·SIGMAv2012 can be viewed in this new system (using the import database tool), but they cannot be edited and all new work must be done in a new v2015 database due to changes in the system.

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BGS·SIGMAv2015 download contents

A zip file containing:

  • BGS·SIGMAv2015 installation files (versions for ArcGIS 10.1 and ArcGIS 10.3 — please install the relevant version)
  • brief installation guide
  • "What's new" guide
  • user manual

Please read the license agreement and tick your approval

Further information

For more information about BGS·SIGMA please see our main BGS·SIGMA page.

For more information on hardware and software requirements for BGS·SIGMA please see our FAQs page.