Marine Environmental Mapping Programme (MAREMAP)

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MAREMAP is a NERC initiative led by the British Geological Survey, the National Oceanography Centre and the Scottish Association for Marine Science to improve our understanding of the seabed environment around the UK.

This programme will bring together the expertise and resources of NERC to deliver a national research programme. The aim of the initiative is to develop detailed seabed and geological information necessary to underpin the future development of our marine resources effectively and efficiently. Additional partners include the University of Southampton and the Channel Coastal Observatory. Seven themes are proposed, with a focus on UK waters:

  • coastal and shelf geological and habitat models
  • deep-water geological and habitat models
  • submarine geohazards
  • sediment mobility and 4D monitoring/modelling
  • technology and techniques
  • heritage and archaeology
  • data products

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Contact Rhys Cooper or visit the MAREMAP website for further information.