Urban geoscience

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Cityscape Gareth Jenkins

This team is developing new techniques and methods that help to understand the complex processes that occur under our cities and towns.

We utilise BGS databases and records to produce high-resolution 3D models. With these, we show how a better knowledge of ground conditions, artificial ground, soils, drainage and archaeology can help manage existing and future developments.

Our current research uses the areas in and around the Thames, Clyde and Mersey to investigate:

  • industrial legacies and contaminant migration
  • anthropogenic impacts and environmental change
  • impacts of land use and water management

Our current research

The AnthropoceneThe Anthropocene

Humans have had such an impact on the environment that scientists are debating whether we have entered a new geological time Epoch — The Anthropocene.

Thames Gateway Project Cities Underground: London and the Thames Gateway Development Zone

Developing a dynamic geoenvironmental model for the London area to address the 'anomalous' ground conditions of the biggest development programme in the UK for over 50 years.

Clyde Basin Clyde Basin

Geophysical and geochemical work in the estuary, and around the River Clyde and its urban tributaries. Understanding the present levels and distribution of natural and contaminant chemistry in the estuary and river-bed sediments, and in urban and peri-urban soils

Manchester and the Lower Mersey Corridor Manchester and the Lower Mersey Corridor

2D and 3D modelling of ground conditions and natural hazards.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

SuDS are drainage solutions that provide an alternative to the direct channelling of surface water through networks of pipes and sewers to nearby watercourses. What issues need to be considered? What information can BGS provide?


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