Research platform 3: global geological risk


Montserrat. Soufriere Hills volcano. Small pyroclastic flow.

Natural geological hazards (such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides), and their associated risk and impacts, are of key concern to long-term economic growth. Understanding these dynamic processes, and using this information to improve disaster risk reduction, can increase the security and sustainability of development. We aim to characterise complex, multi-hazard processes in Latin America and the Caribbean, eastern Africa, and Asia. Our key research themes are:

  • strengthening multi-hazard resilience through integrating citizen science, innovative technologies, and understanding of environmental processes, hazards and impacts
  • enhancing resilience of institutional networks, systems, and communities in eastern Africa
  • developing sustainable and resilient Asian urban areas
  • resilience across the disaster cycle


Colm Jordan (RP3 lead and team leader for Earth and planetary observation and monitoring)

Colm Jordan

Colm is a geomorphologist with expertise in hazard monitoring and characterisation. He has extensive international experience gained through projects in the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia. His work includes risk management information services in the Caribbean and managing national landslide hazard assessments for nine sub-Saharan African countries. He provides advice to the UK Government; he is a trained project manager for the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, and has responded to events in Ecuador, Japan, Sierra Leone and Nepal.

Susan Loughlin (RP3 co-investigator and team leader for volcanology)

Susan Loughlin

Susan is a volcanologist with extensive experience of survey and monitoring, and a previous director of the Monserrat Volcano Observatory. As a technical expert, she provides advice to the UK Government, Met Office and Civil Aviation Authority on the risks and impacts of volcanic eruptions.

Susanne Sargeant (RP3 co-investigator and seismic hazard analyst)

Susanne Sargeant

Susanne is a senior seismologist with 16 years' international research experience in seismic hazard and earthquake properties covering Greece, UAE, Kosovo, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Nepal and China. She holds a NERC-ESRC funded Knowledge Exchange Fellowship on science for resilience building.


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