Drilling of 100m deep borehole in the Pang River catchment for LOCAR
LOCAR monitoring borehole in the River Frome catchment

The Lowland Catchment Research programme (LOCAR) was a £10 million research programme which ran from 2000 to 2006 and supported the detailed, interdisciplinary hydro-ecological research needed to manage permeable lowland catchments, now and in the future.

The programme investigated how water enters, is stored within, and is discharged from rivers in three groundwater-dominated catchments, the Frome/Piddle in Dorset, the Pang/Lambourn in Berkshire and the Tern in Shropshire.

Having been responsible for the establishment of the Hydrgeological infrastructure required to support the LOCAR research programme, BGS were also involved in a number of the subsequent research projects. Details of the various research projects that were carried out within the LOCAR programme can be found at the LOCAR website