Collaborations: HYDRA

Professor Willy Burgess, University College London, leading a discussion session at the HYDRA launch meeting.  Image copyright HYDRA, 2007.

BGS is one of the founding members of HYDRA, the Hydrosciences Research Association, for strategic multidisciplinary research in water science, policy and management. The aim of HYDRA is to help policy makers and managers find solutions to some of the most significant environmental challenges facing society in the next few decades.

HYDRA: facilitating interdisciplinary science

Membership of HYDRA comprises the leading UK water science research groups in south-east England and is also open to stakeholders and policymakers with interests in water science and management.

HYDRA's vision is to integrate science excellence across the hydroscience disciplines and, by involving scientists, policymakers and managers, contribute to providing the best in evidence-based policy for UK environmental management.

Our role in HYDRA

Ian Gale and John Bloomfield are members of the HYDRA Management Group. BGS staff are championing and co-ordinating the hydrogeology (Ian Gale) and environmental informatics (Andrew McKenzie) work areas and are maintaining the HYDRA website. In addition, BGS scientists are contactable through the HYDRA directory of expertise.

HYDRA events

HYDRA events have included a launch meeting at the University of Reading in October 2007 where the chief executive of NERC, Professor Alan Thorpe, was the principal guest speaker.  It held a very successful postgraduate research poster meeting later in 2007 at University College, London.  Future events will include workshops and further postgraduate meetings.


Ian Gale or visit the HYDRA website for further information.