Groundwater flooding

Red wellingtons in the rain ©

Periods of abnormally high rainfall can result in groundwater flooding of basements and the emergence of groundwater at the ground surface, causing damage to property and infrastructure.

The BGS has one of the largest groups of scientists internationally researching groundwater flooding. This includes aspects such as the understanding of groundwater flooding mechanisms, modelling of groundwater flooding and the mapping of susceptible areas.

Understanding groundwater flooding mechanisms

Groundwater flooding can occur in a range of geological settings. BGS has undertaken research to assess the mechanisms for groundwater flooding in the two most vulnerable settings, areas of outcrop Chalk and river valleys underlain by permeable superficial deposits.

Selected research:

Modelling groundwater flooding

BGS has developed numerical and statistical models to allow prediction of groundwater level responses during flood events. Models have been applied in case studies to support the design of flood alleviation schemes.

Mapping areas susceptible to groundwater flooding

BGS has used its expertise along with its geological and groundwater level data holdings to develop maps of areas susceptible to groundwater flooding. These have been used to support groundwater flood risk assessments.

General information on groundwater flooding

For home buyers, planners and anyone that thinks they have been affected by groundwater flooding.


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