Water quality

Major and trace inorganic quality

Representative reference aquifers in each country have been selected to evaluate sets of existing data and for sampling.

A three dimensional interpretation of water quality in the Triassic sandstone of Nottinghamshire has been developed. The diagram shows modern groundwater, with pollution indicators (NO3, SO4), migrating down-gradient. High quality natural fresh water occurs in this aquifer although some natural high salinity is present at depth.

Organic quality

Photograph of water monitoring equipment Monitoring of organic-rich waters provides criteria for understanding baseline concentrations

An overview of the naturally occurring dissolved organic carbon in the reference aquifers is being undertaken together with an investigation on the controls on its occurrence and methodology of sampliing.

Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) often occurs in groundwaters at natural concentrations of between 0.5 and 3 mg/L although in some cases natural concentrations of DOC can exceed 50 mg/L (Figure 1).