West Woodyates Manor

Location of West Woodyates Manor

Although once called the 'Roman Well' there is no real evidence that it is that old, but it has been used to measure groundwater levels in the Chalk since 1942.

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Information about the well

West Woodyates Manor
Wellmaster ID SU01/5B
NGR 4016 1194
Datum 110.88 m AOD
Monitoring details
Type Groundwater Level
Aquifer Chalk
Confinement Unconfined
Depth 45.1 m
Monitored by EA South West
Records commence 1942
Records end active

Hydrogeological setting

This well measures water levels in the Wessex Chalk aquifer between Blandford Forum and Salisbury. It is dug into Seaford Chalk. It is close to the head of a Bourne stream.

Geological map of the area around West Woodyates Manor (click for key)

Well or borehole construction

The well consists of a 45.1 metre deep oval shaft, with a diameter of 3 metres by 1.37 metres. It is recorded in some records as the 'Roman' well - but there is no evidence in the record of whether this is anything other than a name.

Hydrograph response

The well has a relatively rapid and flashy response for a Chalk well, with typical annual fluctuations of 25 metres, and evidence of rapid recharge at high levels.

A file note suggests that the well responds to changes in wind direction - possibly barometric effects or the venturi effect.

At the highest levels groundwater flooding has been recorded in the cellars of the adjacent Manor House.

Data issues

Levels were noted in 1930, 1936, 1937 and 1938 prior to the commencement of regular monitoring in 1942.

Topographic map with hillshade of the area around West Woodyates Manor


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