Washpit Farm

Location of Washpit Farm

This well is used to monitor water levels in the Chalk aquifer to the east of King's Lynn in Norfolk.

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Information about the well

Washpit Farm
Wellmaster ID TF81/2A
NGR 5813 3196
Datum 80.2 m AOD
Monitoring details
Type Groundwater Level
Aquifer Chalk
Confinement Unconfined
Depth 40.26 m
Monitored by EA Anglian
Records commence 1950
Records end Active

Hydrogeological setting

Geological map of the area around Washpit Farm (click for key)

A well monitoring levels in the Norfolk Chalk aquifer to the east of King's Lynn. The Chalk is overlain by about 12 metres of Lowestoft Formation till (clay with gravel, sometimes with a basal layer of sand and gravel).

The Chalk aquifer is unconfined, with the water level always lying well below the anticipated position of the base of the superficial deposits.

Well or borehole construction

The well has a diameter of 1.83 metres. It was originally constructed for a farm water supply.

The shaft was 45.7 m deep when measurements commenced in 1950, this was possibly deepened (by a borehole) in 1938. However, by January 1965 the shaft depth was recorded as only 40.26 m below ground level (40.41 m below well top), due to siltation.

A well is marked at this location on the 1906 Ordnance Survey map.

Hydrograph response

The hydrograph has an annual sinusoidal response with a seasonal variation in water level generally of about 2 m. It is thought to represent naturally occurring conditions.

Data issues

The lowest recorded rest water level of 40.3 m above OD, is similar to the shaft depth and therefore it is possible that this constrains the minimum rest water level, although it has only been reached on a single occasion (2 November 1992).

Topographic map with hillshade of the area around Washpit Farm


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