Swan House

This borehole measures water levels in the Magnesian Limestone Ford Formation to the North West of Darlington.

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Information about the well

Swan House
Wellmaster ID NZ21/29
NGR 42521 5199
Datum 94.9 m AOD
Monitoring details
Type Groundwater Level
Aquifer Magnesian Limestone
Confinement Confined
Depth 60 m
Monitored by EA North East
Records commence 1969
Records end Active

Hydrogeological setting

The borehole fully penetrates the Magnesian Limestone Ford Formation, which is overlain by 26 metres of Till deposits. The borehole was completed at the top of the Coal Measures.

Well or borehole construction

The borehole was purpose drilled as an trial/observation borehole. It consists of a 610 mm diameter borehole, lined to 34.44 metres and then 457 mm diameter slotted casing, adjacent to the limestone, with a gravel pack in the 610 mm hole.

Hydrograph response

Water levels are confined. The hydrograph has an annual sinusoidal pattern, fluctuating around 5 metres annually. This pattern appears to be superimposed on longer term fluctuations (possibly related to industrial abstractions) that saw water levels at a high in the late 1970s, after which levels declined to the early 1990s, with a subsequent recovery to 2000, after which levels appear stable. There appears to be a clear response to major recharge events, with distinct peaks in wetter years.

Data issues

This well replaced Rushyford (NZ22/22) as an Index Well in July 2001. Data are intermittent prior to September 1973.


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