Topographic map with hillshade of the area around Skirwith

This well is used to monitor water levels in the confined Sherwood Sandstone Group to the north-east of Penrith, Cumbria.

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Information about the well

Wellmaster ID NY63/2
NGR 3613 5325
Datum 133.25 maod
Monitoring details
Type Groundwater Level
Aquifer Permo Triassic Sandstone
Confinement Confined
Depth 89.6 m
Monitored by EA North West
Records commence 1978
Records end Active

Hydrogeological setting

Geological map of the area around Skirwith

St Bees Sandstone Formation overlain by about 3 metres of superficial till deposits. The well lies within a deep basin of Permo-Triassic rocks.

The water level is confined, and varies from the maximum level (131.8 m AOD) lying within the superficial deposits to the minimum level (129.35 m AOD) lying in the St Bees Sandstone Formation.

Well or borehole construction

The borehole was 89.62 m deep when drilled in June 1978, but had backfilled to a depth of 88.57 m by September 1985. It is a 196 mm diameter borehole lined with 7.0 metres of plain plastic lining from the surface.

Hydrograph response

The hydrograph has an annual sinusoidal pattern. There is a note on the file that barometric pressure effects are observed which account for abnormal low values.

Data issues

Limited data for 2001 as access was restricted due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

Topographic map with hillshade of the area around Skirwith


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