Didmarton 1

This well is used to monitor water levels in the confined Inferior Oolite aquifer to the west of Malmesbury, Gloucestershire.

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Information about the well

Didmarton 1
Wellmaster ID ST88/62A
NGR 3827 1874
Datum 113.8 m AOD
Monitoring details
Type Groundwater Level
Aquifer Inferior Oolite Group
Confinement Confined
Depth 112.1 m
Monitored by EA South East
Records commence 1977
Records end Active

Hydrogeological setting

The borehole is located near the outcrop of the junction of the Forest Marble and Chalfield Oolite formations, both part of the overlying 'Great Oolite' aquifer. Beneath this the borehole penetrates the Fuller's Earth Formation, the Inferior Oolite Group and about 5.5 m of the Bridport Sand Formation.

The Inferior Oolite aquifer is confined by clays within the Fuller's Earth Formation. The underlying Bridport Sand Formation has a high storage coefficient and is generally in hydraulic continuity with the Inferior Oolite Group limestones.

Well or borehole construction

The borehole has a diameter of 101 mm to 85 m depth, below which it narrows to 86 mm. It has 51 mm casing to 80 m depth.

Hydrograph response

The hydrograph shows a smooth sinusoidal pattern. The water level exhibits large seasonal fluctuations but always remains above the base of the confining beds. The maximum water level appears to be constrained.


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