Dalton Holme

Location of Dalton Holme

Dalton Holme is a well in the Yorkshire Chalk to the north-west of Hull. It is drilled into the Burnham Chalk Formation, through a thin drift cover. Our records of the water level in this well date back to 1889. The well is 1.5 m wide — almost big enough to lie down in!

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Our groundwater level records for Dalton Holme start in 1889.


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Information about the well

Dalton Holme
Wellmaster ID SE94/5
NGR 4965 4453
Datum 34.5 m AOD
Monitoring details
Type Groundwater Level
Aquifer Chalk
Confinement Confined
Depth 28.5 m
Monitored by EA North East
Records commence 1889
Records end Active

Hydrogeological setting

This well measures water level in the Yorkshire Chalk to the north-west of Hull. It is drilled into the Burnham Chalk Formation, through a thin drift cover.

Geological map of the area around Dalton Holme (click for key)

Well or borehole construction

The original 1.5 metre diameter shaft on the site is thought to have been dug in 1876 to 28.5 metres depth.

A 460 mm bore was drilled through the base of the shaft in 1946, and plain lining (depth unknown) was inserted.

The well was constructed for a domestic water supply and is regularly pumped.

A borehole was drilled 10 metres from the well in 1990.

Hydrograph response

The hydrograph has a broadly sinusoidal appearance, with an absolute recorded range of 14.8 m, although annuual fluctuations are typically around 7 metres.The groundwater levels at Dalton Holme respond relatively slowly to rainfall, perhaps influenced by the drift cover.

The minimum recorded level is 9.64 m AOD on 14 February, 1992, and the maximum recorded water level is 23.82 m AOD on 30 March, 1947. There does appear to be some constraint in both minima and maxima, and as the well neither dries up nor overflows, this implies some regional stratigraphic control on levels.

Data issues

Weekly levels measured from 1889. A chart recorder was fitted in 1977 and continuous digital recording started in 1986.


A preliminary risk assessment of the potential for groundwater flooding during the winter of 2007/8 — an update.

Long term hydrograph of groundwater levels in the Dalton Holme Estate well in the Chalk of Yorkshire, R A Monkhouse, 1992.

Topographic map with hillshade of the area around Dalton Holme


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