Digital hydrogeological map of the UK and Isle of Man

Hydrogeologists at the BGS produced the first national scale (1:625 000) map of England and Wales in 1977 and the equivalent map for Scotland in 1988. These highly popular maps have been available through the BGS Bookshop in paper form ever since.

They have now been merged, updated and revised to be consistent with the latest BGS DiGMapGB 1:625 000 geological mapping. The new map will soon be available through this website in a number of digital formats.

The new map shows the distribution of extensive and highly productive aquifers, locally important aquifers, as well as concealed aquifers, aquifers of limited potential and regions without significant groundwater. Aquifers where flow is dominantly through fractures or other discontinuities or where flow is dominantly intergranular are distinguished.

Access to the 1:625 000 digital hydrogeological map of the UK

The data is available now: 1:625 000 scale digital hydrogeological data


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