Monitoring groundwater and soil moisture

Groundwater levels and temperature are being monitored across the floodplain using automatic sensors installed in the piezometers. These sensors make and record measurements every 15 minutes, and every few months we download the data from them using a laptop, and take it back to the office.

Setting up automatic sensors in floodplain piezometers
Installing an automatic sensor in a floodplain piezometer

Soil water and shallower groundwater levels in the wetland piezometers are being monitored using water level sensors provided by the University of Western Australia.

Soil moisture content below the hill slope is measured by the buried hill slope sensors every 30 minutes, and recorded by a logger at the ground surface. The logger is protected by a steel drum, so that it can't be damaged by grazing sheep or cows.

Downloading water level data from wetland piezometers
Logger recording soil moisture data from buried sensors on the hill slope at Eddleston


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