Geology of the Eddleston Water catchment

The floodplain at Eddleston is underlain by a variable Quaternary valley fill sequence which ranges up to around 20 m thick.

From near the surface to approximately 5–7 m depth is a relatively continuous layer of alluvial sandy gravel, sometimes overlain by and/or interbedded with alluvial silt and fine sand and/or peat.

Below this, from approximately 7 m to between 12 and 15 m depth, is a layer of glaciofluvial gravel, which is largely restricted to the centre of the floodplain.

Below this are glaciolacustrine silts and clays. In some places, glacial till underlies the rest of the Quaternary sequence. Below the Quaternary deposits, bedrock across this whole area comprises greywackes — a form of sandstone — of Lower Palaeozoic age.

New geological map of the Eddleston Water catchment

New quaternary geology map of the Eddleston Water catchment

As well as a detailed survey of the geology of the experimental site itself, the BGS has re-surveyed the Quaternary geology of the whole of the Eddleston Water catchment, and produced a new map at 1:25 000 scale.

To purchase the map as a hard copy or in pdf format, please contact the BGS Sales Desk.

For more information about this mapping, and about licensing the data as GIS-enabled digital files, contact Digital Data.

Three dimensional (3D) geology of the experimental site

A new detailed 3D geological model of the Eddleston site has been created by combining all the new geological and geophysical data from geological surveying, geophysical surveying, trial pit digging, and borehole drilling.

The geological model was produced using GSI3D geological software, and as well as the new data collected on site, also uses a high resolution digital terrain model (DTM) which was derived from LiDAR data provided by Scottish Borders Council.

The completed model has been exported as a 3D pdf — one of the first times this kind of technology has been used to visualise geological information.

Instructions for opening the Eddleston 3D pdf model

Download the 3D geological model 10 MB pdf


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