Our collaborations and partnerships

Sampling sewage in Malta

BGS scientists work on a wide range of multi-disciplinary projects with and for a range of partners and customers:

Government departments

The BGS has worked with a variety of UK government departments on issues related to water security, water resources, quality and human health. The BGS has a track record of working with International governments and funding agencies.

Environmental Regulators

The BGS has a worked extensively with the water regulators in the UK, the Environment Agency in England and Wales and with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. For example we have provided systematic baseline data related to water resource availability and quality to support regulatory activities.


The BGS has provided a wide range of services to UK water industry and other sectors of the economy. Please contact Sean Burke for more information.

Research projects and partnerships

BGS staff have worked extensively on research projects, often in collaboration with the UK and international universities and academic institutions, supported by funding bodies such as:

BGS scientists have particularly close working relationship with researchers in the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), one of the BGS' sister Centre-Survey organisations within the Natural Environment Research Council.

We are involved in a number of research networks. For example, HYDRA is the Hydrosciences Research Association for strategic multi-disciplinary research in water science, policy and management.

NGOs and international development

The BGS has extensive experience working with NGOs, particularly working on issues that effect the developing world. For example, the BGS has worked with OXFAM and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) on issues related to water resource development and availability in sub-Saharan Africa. Please contact Alan MacDonald for more information.

UK Groundwater Forum

In the UK, we play an important role in the working of the UK Groundwater Forum, a network of people and institutions interested in groundwater management issues. The Forum includes, among others, government bodies, researchers, water companies and regulators, and aims to encourage discussion and partnership between the various stakeholders to generate relevant new research and disseminate knowledge. We have run the Secretariat of the Forum since its inception in 1995.


Contact Dr Rob Ward for further information.