Tools to allow physical property data to be extracted from our databases and manipulated

The National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) located at BGS is the national repository for all subsurface data collected for environmental research efforts and also deposited under a number of voluntary and statutory arrangements. This includes samples and information from all major users of the subsurface including, amongst others, extractive industries (water, mining and energy companies), waste disposal companies and organisations involved in ground investigations for civil engineering. Consequently data arriving includes physical samples, written records, and hard copy and digital data. The NGDC’s responsibility is to ensure that these data are maintained and preserved for the long term by placing all of these in databases that preserve the full richness of this data. Therefore these tables are complex and infrastructure and but always ideally structured to

Parameterisation and Statistics Team are enabling BGS to undertake public good science with these input data by making the data outputs held by the NGDC easily searchable and immediately available in common formats. This has been achieved by creating a query layer that is an updatable simplified copy of the raw data which allows much simpler data extraction. Therefore the analysis that scientists needs to study complex geological processes are now immediately available in single location and searchable with a single interface. This will simplify multi-disciplinary work by enabling access to all the data relevant to a location regardless of its type or the reason that it was collected.

This will make finding relationships between different datasets much easier. For example this will make it easier to understand whether the physical properties at a location are influenced by the geochemistry. Whilst these comparisons were always possible identifying the appropriate datasets is now much simpler thereby facilitating the discovery of complex links.


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