Climatic hazards and natural geological events (CHANGE)

An undulating road surface due to ground movement in Lincolnshire.

The aim of the climatic hazards and natural geological events (CHANGE) project is to increase the understanding of the impacts related to subsidence hazards in the UK, to enable planning for adaption, and mitigation of the consequences.

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental problems that the UK faces. Increased understanding of its impacts is vital to enable adaption to, and mitigation of, the consequences. This analysis and modelling of the relationship between climate and shrink–swell behaviour has been carried out to increase understanding of the potential consequences of changes in precipitation and temperature on ground movement in the south east of England during the coming century.

To build a stronger understanding of the effects of changes in climate on the clay-rich areas of the country, the project brings together laboratory analysis, data collation and analysis, crowdsourced infrastructure damage information, and collaboration with other organisations. The increased knowledge this provides will enable the development of new, innovative BGS clay hazard products.

The work carried out within this project is closely related to the work of the climate change and geohazards project as part of the shallow geohazards and risk team.


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