ASK Network workshop, Glasgow City Chambers, 4th March 2014

This morning's workshop was well attended with 53 delegates and speakers from 14 private sector companies, seven local authorities, five public sector bodies and two universities.

GSPEC aims to increase data access and re-use, reducing uncertainty in ground conditions
Iain Hall, Technical Manager of Grontmij Edinburgh
"For modest initial investment in training and communication with contractors on site, applying GSPEC has led to significant benefits downstream including improved ability to handle large data sets, reduced financial risk to design and ability for rapid 3D visualisation of data. These have given improved confidence of ground conditions and enabled closer attainment of optimum design."
Alex Scott, a project manager for Scottish Water
"Using the ASK Network 3D models from BGS has increased certainty at an earlier stage in project planning, improved estimating and financial forecasting, and given us greater confidence in option selection in infrastructure upgrades in Glasgow."
Jackie Bland, Geotechnics Ltd and Chair of the AGS Data Management Working Group
"GSPEC is AGS format really being used in the way it was originally intended to be."
Jane Morgan, Deputy Director, Digital Public Services at The Scottish Government
"The ASK Network and GSPEC data formats fit well with the Scottish Government's spatial information priorities, namely promoting the wider exploitation of spatial data, efficient hosting and data sharing to encourage use and collaborative projects across the public, private and academic sectors."
David Hay, Group Manager, Regeneration and Capital Investment, Glasgow City Council
"The sub-surface plays a key role in the development and regeneration of the city region...and as a council we remain committed to working in partnership with BGS to develop and roll-out the GSPEC through the ASK Network, with the aim of facilitating development and regeneration through a collective improved understanding of the sub-surface."