Aims of the Network

The ASK Network will attempt to:

  • develop and exchange high quality systematic subsurface data sets and methods
  • facilitate effective re-use of subsurface data to better inform decision making and management of urban resources
  • establish a data transfer mechanism to a centralised repository for raw subsurface data in standardised formats, to maximise accessibility and re-use of data.
  • provide access to BGS's attributed 3D model coverage and related GIS data sets
  • enable users to influence outputs from models to improve usability
  • assess ASK Network expansion, and/or use as an exemplar for in other cities/areas of the UK
  • explore integration of geotechnical data and 3D models within building information modelling (BIM)
ask figure 1
Teaching using 3D models

Better use and re-use of data

ASK Network Aims

Unforeseen ground conditions are often the result of inefficient handling of environmental and geotechnical data, and a lack of re-use of ground investigation data. Improving this situation demands significantly better use, and re-use, of data and knowledge.

Recent collaboration between the BGS, GCC and the private sector is demonstrating the value in a step change in how subsurface data are reported and exchanged between the public and private sectors in Glasgow.


Contact Hugh Barron about joining the ASK Network or for further information.