Yorkshire: June 2005

Heavy rain and thunderstorms over Yorkshire in June 2005 caused substantial damage in the area around Thirsk and Hawnby. The heavy prolonged rain caused rivers and streams to overflow causing local but severe flooding along the alluvial floodplains. A BGS team of experts were on site to investigate landslide hazard in the area and recorded the flood information. This information helps BGS to understand the development of floodplains and to create the 'Geological Indicators of Flooding' dataset, which predicts areas potentially liable to flooding in the future. In turn, this information can help identify areas with geohazards that might be affected by flood events. The information helps to inform a variety of users from engineers and planners to home owners.

Bridge at Hawnby, near Thirsk, damaged by flash flooding in June 2005; flow direction is arrowed. 'A' represents the flood 'tide mark' and coincides exactly with the edge of the floodplain alluvium on the geological map.
Geological deposits indicative of flooding in the past are represented in the GIF dataset as depicted here. The Hawnby Bridge and surrounding area is shown to lie within a potential flood zone. Further information gained from actual flood events can provide additional detailed information and help in planning for the future.

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