FUTUREVOLC Iceland volcanoes map

FUTUREVOLC is a project funded through the FP7 Environment Supersite Concept call, encompassing 26 partners in 10 countries. The main objectives of FUTUREVOLC are to:

  • establish an integrated volcanological monitoring procedure through European collaboration
  • develop new methods to evaluate volcanic criseS
  • increase scientific understanding of magmatic processes
  • improve delivery of information to civil protection and authorities

In order to meet these objectives the project combines European expertise in seismology, volcano deformation, volcanic gas and geochemistry, infrasound, eruption monitoring, physical volcanology, satellite studies of plumes, meteorology, ash dispersal forecasting and civil protection.

Iceland has been selected as a supersite area for demonstration because of the relatively high rate of large eruptions from its many different volcano types.

For better response during eruptions, the project will develop operational models of magma discharge rate, contributing directly to improved forecasts of ash dispersion thus helping to minimise economic disruption on a European scale during volcanic eruptions.


Contact Colm Jordan for more information.