Domain MV: montane and valley

Montane and valley domain ice limits

This domain is restricted to the upland areas of the Scottish Highlands and Southern Uplands, the Lake District, North and Central Wales and the Isle of Man. The landscape comprises mountainous terrain with precipitous slopes. There are numerous fjords and lakes residing in ice scoured basins and hollows.

The domain has extensive superficial deposits (~45%) especially within valleys. Organic deposits form about 8% of the area (~18% of the area of superficial deposits).

Blanket peat is widespread on less rugged mountaintops and across plateaux. Peat may also accumulate in poorly drained glacial hollows.

In Wales as a whole, it is estimated that some 70 000 ha of ground may have supported blanket peat. Probably in excess of 10% of this area no longer supports bog vegetation, and a significant proportion of the remaining area is likely to not support active peat growth.

The Berwyn and South Clwyd Mountains (c. 27 200 ha) supports the most extensive tract of near-natural blanket peat in Wales, whilst the Migneint–Arenig–Dduallt region (20 000 ha) supports the largest area of blanket peat in North Wales after the Berwyn. In both areas, the blanket peat vegetation is dominated by heather and hare's-tail or cotton grass (Eriophorum vaginatum), with cross-leaved heath (Erica tetralix) and bog Sphagnum mosses.

Mire classification (and guide to dominance within the domain)

Subjective guide to dominance within this domain Topogenous mires Soligenous mires Ombrogenous mires
Dominant     Blanket mire
Locally present Floodplain mire Valley mire

Spring mire

Raised mire
Rare Open water transition mire

Basin mire




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