Domain MT: minimal till

Minimal till domain ice limits

This domain comprises two discrete areas. Within the limits of the Devensian glaciation, in north-east Scotland, the predominant processes that have shaped this landscape are prolonged subaerial denudation during the Palaeogene and Neogene, and severe periglacial processes during the Pleistocene.

Beyond the limits of the Devensian glaciation, in the southern Welsh Borderland and Vale of the Severn, where there are no glaciogenic landforms and glaciogenic cover is generally patchy, consisting of weathered glacial deposits on valley sides and glaciofluvial deposits in the valley bottoms.

The domain has limited cover of superficial deposits (~26%). Organic deposits form about 0.4% of the area (~1% of the area of superficial deposits).

Localized development of peat may occur within the alluvial floodplains and in coastal areas associated with submerged forests.

Mire classification (and guide to dominance within the domain)

Subjective guide to dominance within this domain Topogenous mires Soligenous mires Ombrogenous mires
Locally present Floodplain mire Valley mire

Spring mire

Rare Open water transition mire

Basin mire


  Raised mire

Blanket mire


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