Domain DT: dissected till

Dissected till domain ice limits

This domain comprises the lowlands of the Midlands and East Anglia lying between the Devensian and Anglian glacial limits.

In East Anglia, the landscape is essentially a low-lying, relatively flat, dissected till plateau with a universal coverage of superficial deposits that include various glacial lithofacies.

In the Midlands, the landscape was profoundly modified during the Anglian (Middle Pleistocene) glaciation, and subsequently by a regime of progressive uplift and incision under climates that oscillated between warm temperate and periglacial.

Topography is characterised by subdued bedrock featuring, locally with ridges and scarps, but the dominant landforms are the extensive till-covered plateaux of the interfluves.

The domain has a significant cover of superficial deposits (~35%). Organic deposits form about 0.3% of the area (~1% of the area of superficial deposits).

Localized development of peat may occur within the alluvial floodplains and in coastal areas associated with submerged forests.

Mire classification (and guide to dominance within the domain)

Subjective guide to dominance within this domain Topogenous mires Soligenous mires Ombrogenous mires
Locally present Floodplain mire Valley mire

Spring mire

Rare Open water transition mire

Basin mire


  Raised mire

Blanket mire


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