Domain CE: coastal, esturine and alluvial

Coastal, esturine and alluvial domain ice limits

This domain includes the larger expanses of Holocene sediments and landforms throughout Britain, with the exception of blanket peat on the hills. It mainly includes areas of very low relief and low-lying coastal tracts.

The domain has almost complete cover of superficial deposits (~85%). Organic deposits form about 10% of the area (~12% of the area of superficial deposits).

This area is underlain by thick sequences of alluvial, lacustrine, estuarine, beach, aeolian and marine deposits, locally concealed by and extensively interbedded with peat. This includes the extensive lowland peats of the Fenland, Broadland and the Somerset Moors and Levels. These peats are mainly the product of rising water tables in response to rising relative sea levels during the Holocene.

Mire classification (and guide to dominance within the domain)

Subjective guide to dominance within this domain Topogenous mires Soligenous mires Ombrogenous mires
Dominant Floodplain mire    
Locally present Open water transition mire Valley mire  
Rare Basin mire


Spring mire Raised mire

Blanket mire


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