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Award of NERC Advanced Training Short Course 2017

BGS have been awarded a NERC Advanced Training Short Course on: Multidisciplinary fieldwork and modelling skills for applied geoscience.

This course builds on two successful NERC ATSCs concerning fieldwork training in a professional geoscience environment. The natural resource (minerals, hydrocarbon, and water) industries require numerate, multidisciplined geoscientists with a strong core of field-based observational skills allied with knowledge of field instrumentation. This course will provide practical fieldwork training by focussing on an application for the mining industry. It will also emphasise developing field observation skills relevant to applied earth science research into volcanic and magmatic processes and include field deployment of several instrument technologies such as spectroscopy, portable XRF/XRD, and ground LiDAR.

Delegates will experience the work flow used in the planning, capture and interpretation of field data. The training will be delivered in two parts:

  1. Initial reconnaissance, campaign planning, interpretation and analysis of remotely sensed data; this will include use of high resolution imagery to create social and environmental risk maps.
  2. Training in a range of field observational skills that are relevant to mineral exploration, volcanology and geothermal energy in a volcanic-hydrothermal environment.

Furthermore, the course will develop skills in leadership, team working and an appreciation of social and environmental issues associated with resource exploration and extraction. Delegates' personal research will also benefit from them gaining field training in a mineralised volcanic environment, remote sensing analysis, use of large datasets and fieldwork planning using remote sensing and legacy data.

The course is open to UK–based Doctoral and Early Career Researchers (i.e. within 8 years of their PhD). It will prioritise NERC funded PhD students, early career researchers, and non-NERC funded PhD students whose research and future career plans will clearly benefit from attending the course. Further details on the course and an application form are below.

Completed forms should be returned to Ann Evans by 19 May 2017.

There are a total of 24 spaces on the course and if you are given a place, all course fees and travel and subsistence will be paid by NERC. Any questions about the course please contact Jon Naden.

October and November 2014

The British Geological Survey will be running a NERC-funded Advanced Skills Training Course this October and November concerning:

Multidisciplinary fieldwork training in a professional geoscience environment

The course is aimed at all UK-based doctoral and early career researchers and is free (includes all transport and accommodation). Places will prioritise applicants who receive NERC funding (this includes NERC Centre–Survey Research Associates and Staff) and they will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

If you are interested in attending please pre-register in the first instance by emailing BUFI

Further details of course content and dates are provided in the links below:

Course description

Application form

If you have any questions contact Jon Naden 0115 936 3280)

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