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BUFI has proudly been supporting PhD students since 1993 with some 130 BUFI students completing their PhDs with support from BGS and this number grows every year. Listed below, by their year of completion, are most of our ex-students (where we have details). In early 2016 we undertook an internet-based investigation to find out what our ex-students were doing in 2016. Where we have this information it is listed thus providing a snapshot of the different types of roles our ex-BUFI students held in both academia and industry in 2016. For up to date information on what our ex-students are doing post-2016 please follow their LinkedIn or web links.

If you are a past student and would like anything adding to your PhD entry such as an abstract, photo, what you are doing post-PhD or any links then please get in touch with the BUFI team.


Samuel Cox

Project title: S233 Adaptive large-scale mantle convection simulations

BGS Supervisor: John Ludden

University Supervisor: Tiffany Barry, University of Leicester, Geology

Student links:

Thesis abstract


Ceri Davies

Project title: S231 Novel approaches for speciating and tracing the metabolism of phosphorus in groundwater and surface water

BGS Supervisor: Daren Gooddy

University Supervisor: Ben Surridge, University of Lancaster, Environmental Science<

Charlotte Kenchington

Project title: S206 Early Ediacaran biotas of Charnwood Forest (UK): assembly of the first macroscopic marine communities

BGS Supervisor: Phil Wilby

University Supervisor: Nick Butterfield, Cambridge

Jack Lacey

Project title: S218.2 Late quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania) using stable isotopes

BGS Supervisor: Melanie Leng

University Supervisor: Dr Matt Jones, University of Nottingham

What were they doing in 2016? Isotope Geochemist with BGS at the NERC Isotope Geoscience Laboratory.

Student links:



Stefan Lachowycz

Project title: S198 Late Quaternary volcanism and climate of southern Patagonia

BGS Supervisor: Katy Mee

University Supervisor: Prof David Pyle and Dr Tasmin Mather, Oxford, Earth Sciences and Environment

Student links:

Thesis abstract


Alicja Lacinska

Project title: S210 Mineralogy and geochemistry of ultramafic rocks for mineral CO2 sequestration

BGS Supervisor: Mike Styles, Jon Naden and Simon Kemp

University Supervisor: Matther Hall, Nottingham

What were they doing in 2016? Environmental Mineralogist at the British geological Survey.

After completing her PhD Alicia continued in her role at the British Geological Survey.

Student links:



Daniel Middleton

Project title: S204.2 Geogenic arsenic attributable health risks in UK and the European Union

BGS Supervisor: Michael Watts

University Supervisor: David Polya, Manchester

David Schlaphorst

Project title: S232 Seismological insights into the building of the Lesser Antilles Arc

BGS Supervisor: Brian Baptie

University Supervisor: M Kendall, Bristol

Helena Stewart

Project title: S220 Peat's secret archive: reconstructing the North Atlantic storm frequency and volcanic eruption history of the last 10,000 years

BGS Supervisor: Tom Bradwell (moved to University of Stirling during Helena's PhD)

University Supervisor: Tom Bradwell and Robert McCulloch, University of Stirling, Natural Sciences

Student links:

Thesis abstract


Katie McFall (née Sullivan)

Project title: S219 Investigating the Controls on Critical Metal Distribution within Intrusion-Centred Mineralization: Chalkidiki Peninsula, N. Greece

BGS Supervisor: Paul Lusty

University Supervisor: Steve Roberts, University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre

Damiano Weitowitz

Project title: S225 Geological controls on the distribution and abundance of invertebrate groundwater

BGS Supervisor: Louise Maurice

University Supervisor: Roehampton, Life Sciences

Marta Zurakowska

Project title: S111 Current mechanisms and future patterns of stone decay in cleaned sandstone and granite buildings

BGS Supervisor: Martin Gillespie

University Supervisor: John Hughes, University of Paisley

What were they doing in 2016? After her PhD Marta became Director at UK Stone Doctor.

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