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BUFI has proudly been supporting PhD students since 1993 with some 130 BUFI students completing their PhDs with support from BGS and this number grows every year. Listed below, by their year of completion, are most of our ex-students (where we have details). In early 2016 we undertook an internet-based investigation to find out what our ex-students were doing in 2016. Where we have this information it is listed thus providing a snapshot of the different types of roles our ex-BUFI students held in both academia and industry in 2016. For up to date information on what our ex-students are doing post-2016 please follow their LinkedIn or web links.

If you are a past student and would like anything adding to your PhD entry such as an abstract, photo, what you are doing post-PhD or any links then please get in touch with the BUFI team.


Andrey Barsky

Project title: S211 Carbon capture and storage: Factors influencing public attitudes

BGS Supervisor: John Rees

University Supervisor: Professor David Clarke, Professor Brigitte Nerlich and Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer, University of Nottingham

Student links:

Thesis abstract

Sam Broom-Fendley

Project title: S208 Targeting elevated concentrations of mid and heavy rare earth elements in alkaline provinces

BGS Supervisor: Gus Gunn

University Supervisor: Frances Wall, University of Exeter Camborne School of Mines, Mining Geology

What were they doing in 2016? Part of the SoS RARE research project at Exeter University which is part of the NERC Security of Supply of Minerals (SoS) Programme.

Student links:

Thesis abstract


Richard Cooper

Project title: S205 Investigating organo-mineral suspended sediment dynamics as controls on phosphorus export from instrumented agricultural test catchments

BGS Supervisor: Barry Rawlins

University Supervisor: Kevin Hiscock, University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

After his PhD Richard began working as a Senior Research Associate at UEA on the DEFRA funded River Wensum Demonstration Test Catchment project.

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Thesis abstract


University of East Anglia staff profile

Grant Craig

Project title: S216 Improving the utility of LA-ICP-MS for isotope ratio environmentals1

BGS Supervisor: Matt Horstwood

University Supervisor: Barry Sharp, University of Loughborough, Chemistry

After his PhD Grant took a postdoctoral research post through Marie-Curie Initial Training Network based at ThermoScientific, Bremen, Germany.

Student links:

Thesis abstract

Amy Gough

Project title: S207 Climatic cyclicity and environmental interactions in proximal continental basins: Implications for ground water flow

BGS Supervisor: Tony Milodowski

University Supervisor: Stu Clark, University of Keele, School of Earth Sciences and Geography

Kim Hagen

Project title: S167.2 Engaging communities on geohazards: seeking community-centred approaches to reducing vulnerability to geohazards in the Solomon Islands

BGS Supervisor: Susanne Sargeant

University Supervisor: Melissa Butcher, Open University, Social Sciences

Brioch Hemmings

Project title: S186 Hydrogeophysics of a restless volcano

BGS Supervisor: Alan Hughes

University Supervisor: Jo Gottsmann, University of Bristol, Earth Sciences

After his PhD Brioch started as a Post Doctorate Research Associate in Computational Volcanology on the VUELCO (Volcanic unrest in Europe and Latin America) project.

Student links:


Edward Joy

Project title: S202 Dietary mineral deficiencies in Sub-Saharan Africa

BGS Supervisor: Louise Ander, Michael Watts

University Supervisor: Scott Young, Martin Broadley, University of Nottingham, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

After his PhD Edward took a post at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Student links:

Thesis abstract


Lizzy Moyce

Project title: S215 Rock Alteration in the Chemically Disturbed Zone of a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste

BGS Supervisor: Tony Milodowski

University Supervisor: G Shaw, University of Nottingham, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Chijioke Nwankwor

Project title: S190 The effects of gas stream impurities and reservoir mineralogy on in-situ carbonation for long-term geological storage of carbon dioxide

BGS Supervisor: Keith Bateman

University Supervisor: David Large, University of Nottingham, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Sarah Smith

Project title: S203 The impact of hyper-alkaline fluids from a geological radioactive waste repository on the biological and physical characteristics of the host rock environment

BGS Supervisor: Julie West

University Supervisor: John Lloyd, University of Manchester, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science

After her PhD Sarah joined the CoG3 research project at Bangor University which is part of the NERC Security of Supply of Minerals (SoS) Programme.

Jon Stone

Project title: S199 Evaluating the role of community-based monitoring in improving the mitigation of natural hazards: a case study on Montserrat, West Indies

BGS Supervisor: Sue Loughlin

University Supervisor: East Anglia, School of Environmental Sciences

Thomas Ward

Project title: S213 Dissolution processes at the CO2/brine interface change challenge

BGS Supervisor: Chris Rochelle

University Supervisor: Henry Power, University of Nottingham, Engineering

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