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BUFI has proudly been supporting PhD students since 1993 with some 130 BUFI students completing their PhDs with support from BGS and this number grows every year. Listed below, by their year of completion, are most of our ex-students (where we have details). In early 2016 we undertook an internet-based investigation to find out what our ex-students were doing in 2016. Where we have this information it is listed thus providing a snapshot of the different types of roles our ex-BUFI students held in both academia and industry in 2016. For up to date information on what our ex-students are doing post-2016 please follow their LinkedIn or web links.

If you are a past student and would like anything adding to your PhD entry such as an abstract, photo, what you are doing post-PhD or any links then please get in touch with the BUFI team.


Laura Duthie

Project title: S131 The impact of climate change on weathering in urban environments: prediction and mitigation

BGS Supervisor: Ewan Gillespie

University Supervisor: Martin Lee, University of Glasgow, Geographical and Earth Sciences

What were they doing in 2016? Waitress at Café 71 Leeds.

Student links:


Réka Fülöp

Project title: S122 A novel cosmogenic isotope-based approach to assessing Holocene soil erosion

BGS Supervisor: Jez Everest

University Supervisor: Paul Bishop, University of Glasgow, Geographical and Earth Sciences

What were they doing in 2016? Hoary Fellow UOW University of Wollongong, Australia.

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Stephen Grebby

Project title: S120 Application of airborne LiDAR to fault mapping, structural analysis, and identification of fracture controlled mineralisation, Slovenia and Cyprus

BGS Supervisor: Jon Naden

University Supervisor: W D Cunningham, University of Leicester, Geology

Richard Haslam

Project title: S127 Integrated 3D modelling of shallow ground conditions at a nuclear site undergoing decommissioning

BGS Supervisor: Clive Auton

University Supervisor: Stu Clark, Keele University, School of Earth Sciences and Geography

What were they doing in 2016? Structural Geologist with the British Geological Survey.

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Fiona Hibbert

Project title: Response of the British Ice Sheets to climate forcing over the last 250,000 years

BGS Supervisor: Clive Gatliff and Melanie Leng

University Supervisor: William Austin, St Andrews

What were they doing in 2016? Postdoctoral Research Fellow Australian National University University, Ocean and Climate Change.

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Irfan Jan

Project title: S123 The Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM) in the clastic sequences of the Kohat Basin, northern Pakistan: a low latitude Tethyan view of the fastest global warming in recent Earth history

BGS Supervisor: Mike Stephenson and Jim Riding

University Supervisor: Jan Zalasiewicz, University of Leicester, Geology

What were they doing in 2016? Assistant Professor NCEG University of Peshawar, Pakistan.

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Emma Kiddle

Project title: S105 Modelling igneous processes at the Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat (incorporating data from the SeaCalipso project)

BGS Supervisor: Sue Loughlin

University Supervisor: Steve Sparks, University of Bristol, Earth Sciences

What were they doing in 2016? Editor at Cambridge University Press.

Student links:


Qiong Li

Project title: S143 Recalibrating the Mesozoic Timescale

BGS Supervisor: Randy Parrish

University Supervisor: John McArthur, University of London University College, Earth Sciences

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Jenny O'Reilly

Project title: Arsenic and other trace element speciation in biological and environment al samples from semiarid regions of Argentina and Chile: the relationship between natural and anthropogenic environmental levels and human health status

BGS Supervisor: Michael Watts

University Supervisor: N Ward, Surrey

What were they doing in 2016? Researcher at LGC Ltd, Teddington.

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Sam Parry

Project title: S113 Turning rock into soil—changes in reactivity and surface area

BGS Supervisor: Simon Kemp

University Supervisor: Mark Hodson, University of Reading, Soil Science

What were they doing in 2016? Environmental Fate Risk Assessor at Syngenta, Jealott's Hill, Berkshire.

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Michele Paulatto

Project title: S119 Probing the interior of an active volcano: three dimensional seismic tomography at Montserrat, West Indies

BGS Supervisor: Brian Baptie

University Supervisor: Tim Minshull, University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre

What were they doing in 2016? Postdoctoral Researcher at Géoazur CNRS.

Student links:



Tom Sizmur

Project title: S117 The impact of earthworm activity on metal mobility in soils

BGS Supervisor: Barbara Palumbo-Roe

University Supervisor: Mark Hodson, University of Reading, Soil Science

What were they doing in 2016? Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry, University of Reading, Geography and Environmental Science.

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David Strong

Project title: S121 Quantifying continental scale run-off in the past

BGS Supervisor: Ian Wilkinson (retired)

University Supervisor: Rachel Flecker, University of Bristol, Earth Sciences

What were they doing in 2016? Chemistry Services Manager at Weetabix Ltd.

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Katie Turnbull

Project title: S116 Analysis and prediction of the ground technology hazards due to space weather

BGS Supervisor: Alan Thomson

University Supervisor: Jim Wild, Lancaster university, Communications Systems

What were they doing in 2016? Physics teacher at St Johns School, Leatherhead, Surrey.

Student links:


Audrey Versteegen

Project title: S118 Calcareous structures in Quaternary soils and sediments

BGS Supervisor: Toni Milodowski

University Supervisor: Guy Kirk, Cranfield University, School of Applied Science

What were they doing in 2016? Senior Project Manager at Proforest.

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Jo Warham

Project title: S129 Systematic biosphere mapping of Sr-isotope ratios across major lithological boundaries in Southern England to create the first biosphere map in the UK

BGS Supervisor: Jane Evans and Louise Ander

University Supervisor: Jane Montgomery, University of Bradford, Division of Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences

Analytical Geochemist, BGS (left 2014).

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Chengchao Zuo

Project title: S112 Modelling the environmental and socio-economic impacts of aggregates for major construction projects: 2012 Olympic Park case study

BGS Supervisor: Fiona McEvoy

University Supervisor: Mark Birkin, University of Leeds, School of Geography

What were they doing in 2016? Research Fellow at University of Leeds.

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