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BUFI has proudly been supporting PhD students since 1993 with some 130 BUFI students completing their PhDs with support from BGS and this number grows every year. Listed below, by their year of completion, are most of our ex-students (where we have details). In early 2016 we undertook an internet-based investigation to find out what our ex-students were doing in 2016. Where we have this information it is listed thus providing a snapshot of the different types of roles our ex-BUFI students held in both academia and industry in 2016. For up to date information on what our ex-students are doing post-2016 please follow their LinkedIn or web links.

If you are a past student and would like anything adding to your PhD entry such as an abstract, photo, what you are doing post-PhD or any links then please get in touch with the BUFI team.


David Gelsthorpe

Project title: Microplankton changes through a mass extinction

BGS Supervisor: Stuart Molyneux

University Supervisor: Dick Aldridge, Leicester

What were they doing in 2016? Curator of Earth Science Collections at the Manchester Museum.

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Helen Reeves

Project title: The Influence of Stress upon fluid flow in fractured rocks

BGS Supervisor: Chris Evans

University Supervisor: R E Holdsworth, Durham

What were they doing in 2016? Director of Science Engineering, the British Geological Survey.

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