Geology and Landscape: England

Staff from Geology and Landscape England (GLE) are involved in a wide variety of geoscience projects and research across the whole of England. This work aims to help us further understand our environment and plan for future change.

From our headquarters in Nottinghamshire we strive to contribute new and focused research to help inform the wider community.

Selected research

London ThamesLondon Thames 3D

Understanding the geology of our capital city, one of the fastest growing urban regions in the UK, is becoming increasingly important as we need to face the challenges of climate change
Contact: Steve Mathers or Jon Ford

Cleveland BasinCleveland Basin 3D

Modelling of the Cleveland basin using cutting edge digital survey techniques to investigate landslides and geohazards as well as developing a further understanding of North Sea hydrocarbons
Contact: Phil Wilby

Pennine BasinPennine Basin

Studying the architecture of sandstone bodies, sediment cyclicity and structure, the Pennine Basins Project aims to enhance knowledge of the evolving sedimentary environments across the Carboniferous blocks and basins of northern England, as a framework for understanding the area's coal, oil, shale gas and CCS potential.

Recent examples include graphite discoveries in Borrowdale Contact: Dave Millward

Permo-Trias 3D modellingPermo-Trias 3D modelling

Permo-Triassic sandstones in the UK provide an important source of porosity for the potential underground storage of water, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide. The aim of this project is to understand lateral and vertical variations in the properties of Permo-Triassic rocks based on a sound understanding of structure, stratigraphy and depositional systems in three dimensions.
Contact: Andy Newell

Tellus South West Geophysical SurveyTellus South West Geophysical Survey

A low-level airborne geophysical survey of the South West of England. This survey of Devon and Cornwall, and parts of Somerset, will gather magnetic and radiometric measurements in order to extend our understanding of the geology, soils, natural resources and environment.
Contact: Andy Howard


Team Leader England: Jon Ford

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