Holostratigraphy - The Ludlow Series (Upper Silurian) of the type area

This linked set of .pdf files contains detailed information on many aspects of the Upper Silurian Ludlow Series in its type area, around the town of Ludlow, in the Welsh Borderland of Great Britain. It includes chronostratigraphy, geochronology, lithostratigraphy, methods of correlation (biostratigraphical and non-biostratigraphical) and important sections are all covered. The different methods of correlation are integrated in a holostratigraphical scheme that is applicable to the type area and may have wider utility throughout the Welsh Borderland. The whole work is supported by a bibliography.

Holostrat files are published in PDF format. In order to read these files, the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your machine. Click on the icon to obtain a copy.

The Ludlow Holostrat is released for download in .zip format and should be read using appropriate software, such as WinZip. Click here if you wish to download a shareware copy of WinZip. Holostrat is also made available as a self-extracting executable file.

To navigate the Ludlow Holostrat, follow the live onward links provided in each section, together with return links to the introductory page of the topic. Similarly, onward and return links are provided for each figure. Selecting an onward link will take you to an associated topic. Selecting a return link will take you to a less detailed level of information, from which you can investigate other topics.

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