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Jerry Blackford, Henrik Stahl, Jonathan M. Bull and 26 others. 2014. Detection and impacts of leakage from sub-seafloor deep geological carbon dioxide storage. Nature Climate Change, published online 28 September 2014, DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE2381.

Energy Procedia

The following article, published in Energy Procedia describes the project goals and experimental design. Blackford, J.C., J. Kita, 2013. A Novel Experimental Release of CO2 in the Marine Environment to Aid Monitoring and Impact Assessment Energy Procedia, 37, 3387-3393. This paper was presented at GHGT-11, Kyoto, November 2012.

Greenhouse Gases - Science and Technology, volume 2 issue 5

Simulating CO2 leakage into marine environments. This interview article is published in Greenhouse Gases - Science and Technology, volume 2 issue 5: Wiley Online Library.

Natural CO2 flux literature review

A literature review of natural leakage of CO2 and other gases to determine seepage fluxes in different geological settings is available. The review serves to address how offshore seepage rates compare with onshore rates, what is currently measured and measureable and details published data on certain characteristics of offshore seeps e.g. salinity, pressure, temperature. It also describes the sediment type and pathway form of seeps at the seabed. Information on bubble evolution is also described.

Marine Pollution Bulletin A paper describing modelling of fine scale bubbles plumes, including at the QICS release site has been written by Marius Dewar and colleagues from Heriot Watt. This can be downloaded from Science Direct.