DiGMapGB-Plus map
Scale 1:50 000
Coverage Great Britain
Format GIS grid data. (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request)
Price On application. Subject to licence fee and data preparation fee.
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DiGMapGB-Plus provides a wide range of value-added geological data and information based on the digital geological map — DiGMapGB-50.

The primary goal for the project is to provide key characteristics of the geology of Great Britain, such as texture, structure, colour, mineralogy and engineering parameters in a way that is suitable for rapid deployment by non-geologists.

Data will be provided as a series of attributes that will be available to licence individually or as a personally selected a range of ‘modules’ to meet your own requirements. The data is normally supplied as a single GIS layer of ‘surface-geology’ compiled from the combined bedrock and superficial layers of DiGMapGB-50.

Environmental science users

A national scale model aimed at ‘environmental users’ will also promote the study and coupling of atmosphere–pedosphere–geosphere interaction models thereby leading to a better understanding of the long-term impact of climate change on the environments found across Great Britain.

The DiGMapGB-Plus dataset uses, and concisely presents data spatially, from five key areas of BGS activity: geological surveying, engineering geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology and soil science. It draws on an established BGS history of digital terrain analysis and 2D/3D map processing.

DiGMapGB-Plus data — areas of interest

Drilling Engineering properties dataset
Information on specific engineering properties for identifying types of ground conditions in the upper 2–3 m of the geological profile. Certain rock properties can affect all types of developments from building foundations to transport links and if not effectively identified and managed, can cause potential damage.

Thistle Ecosystem services properties — UK ecosystems information
Information on specific geological and environmental conditions combined with anthropogenic and climatic influences providing data for informed decision-making

River © Dex Image PTE Limited Case studies — current research and new products.
Up-to-date information on current research and products in the pipeline such as:
soil erosion, aggressive soils and earthing.


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