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The DiGMapGB datasets are digital geological maps of Great Britain based on the different series of published BGS geological maps. Many paper-only maps have been digitised retrospectively though the nomenclature has often been updated to conform to current usage. Where necessary unpublished maps and additional interpretations have been incorporated; and ongoing revisions continue.

Datasets /Scales


The five standard DiGMapGB geology themes, depending on availability are:

Artificial ground Artificial ground
Artificial ground is where the ground surface has been significantly modified by human activity.

Bedrock geology Bedrock geology
Bedrock geology is the main mass of rocks forming the Earth and present everywhere, whether exposed at the surface in outcrops or concealed beneath superficial deposits or water.

Linear features Linear features
Linear features relate primarily to the bedrock theme, being either an intrinsic part of it (e.g. mineral vein) or affecting it (e.g. fault).

Mass movement Mass movement
Mass movement deposits are primarily superficial deposits that have moved down slope under gravity to form landslips.

Superficial deposits Superficial deposits
Superficial deposits are the youngest geological deposits formed during the most recent period of geological time, the Quaternary, which extends back about 2.6 million years from the present


Downloads of sample data (and some datasets) together with a range of information and guidance for users are available.


Potential uses differ according to scale, ranging from detailed site-level, through local and regional generalisations, to national overviews.


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