Aggressive soils

Geologist examining temporary section of vertically-dipping bedded tuff (of Limestone Coal Group Age) exposed during the laying of the Frigg No. 3 Gas Pipeline

Daily life in Great Britain depends heavily on the extensive infrastructure buried beneath our streets. Pipework, cabling, tunnels and foundations of every kind sit just below the ground surface, typically within weathered geological deposits (usually called 'engineering soils').

The function, performance and longevity of these buried 'assets' depend heavily on the geotechnical, geophysical and geochemical properties of the weathered rocks and deposits.

Aggressive engineering soils have chemical characteristics that can corrode the buried infrastructure and so the DiGMapGB-Plus dataset is contributing significantly to BGS research in this area.

A new spatial dataset for assessing corrosivity potential for buried ferrous assets is currently in production.


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.